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Our main objective at Global Interactions is to inform and enlighten. It is imperative in a global society and economy that we all learn to work together in the most efficient manner possible.


  Kids Need Diversity Training, Too!

We have consultants that specialize in working with kids, grades 1-12, on diversity awareness and sensitivty.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed our diversity training and coaching over the years. Clara teaches appreciation of cultural differences, not simulation, very refreshing! And the activities are stimulating! Would recommend to anyone or company going global."

- Stephen Newton
Head of Analytics, EMEA Google/London Division

"In this day and age with the bullying problem in schools and kids today interacting with other kids from all over the world more so than ever, it is essential for children to have this kind of training. My class and I really enjoyed the activities set up by Global Interactions."

- Castella Smith, Teacher (25 Years)
Ferry Pass Elementary School, Pensacola, FL

"This session was very beneficial for our seniors. Since we have a virtual clothing company, thank you for bringing a guest that has real-world experience in the business world. We appreciate your time and energy in sharing your experiences with us."

- Amy Bacchus, Business Teacher
at Brooklyn Global Academy of Finance (BKAGF) 2018

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