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Our main objective at Global Interactions is to inform and enlighten. It is imperative in a global society and economy that we all learn to work together in the most efficient manner possible.

At Global Interactions we have two other highly trained consultants with specific areas of consulting. The first is a civil rights attorney and also teaches at Penn State. He is availabe upon request and pending schedule availability. The second has a Masters in Theater Arts. She taught in the NYC public school system for over two years and orchestrated our Diversity program for the educational school system grades 1-12. Her specialty is designing interactive skits and scenarios at schools. She is also available pending advance scheduling. If your company is interested in any of our consultants, please let us know and upon request we can send a more extensive profile.

Global Interactions utilizes proven teaching and coaching methods. These methods have been tried and tested in various diversity programs all over the world. Our leading consultant, Clara LeRoy, has actually traveled and studied these teaching methods for extensive periods. She has studied in London, Annecy (France), Ghana (northwest Africa), and South Africa.

Our mission is to make all of this information as readily accessible as possible at a very reasonable cost. We can bring your company our wonderful diversity program at a special promotion price starting at just $650 for a one hour class size of 10 or less. This quote includes travel expenses and hotels. Click here to request rate information.

Not all instructors will be able to do presentations at this rate. Please let us know with email request exactly what it is that your company would need and we will respond with the backgrounds and experience of all instructors at Global Interactions.

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